Relinquishing Parents | A portrait of one Korean Adoptee–Kim Yunmi Dot Com

Relinquishing Parents

Note: I really want more resources on parents that loved, but had to relinquish. Please, please give me suggestions, forums, etc. I really need those voices for adoptees and adoptive parents.

Blogs/books–Parents that loved their child before but had to relinquish (For a lack of a better term)
Coming Home to the Truth” by Judith Roseboom (Emerging Press, PO Box 1866, Albany, WA 6331)
First hand account of the 1950′s-1960′s scandal involving taking Teen mothers and making them give birth and give their children up for adoption not to see them again. (No filters.)

A blog of First Mothers.

A link to Adoptee’s mothers in Korea. You can try google translate if you don’t read Korean. It’s a support group for those mothers that had to give up their children told with their own voices without the filter of an adoption agency. You need to be in Korea to read.

Interview with a leader from KUMFA (Miss Mamma Mia)

Video helping single mothers in Korea to change the views of the society.

Donate to Single Mothers in Korea