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Korean Language

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blog in Korean, have a native speaker correct your Korean grammar and spelling.


In podcast form, various culture and language learning tidbits.

Integrated Korean: Beginning 1 by Young-Mee Cho (Author), Hyo Sang Lee (Author), Carol Schulz (Author), Ho-Min Sohn (Author), Sung-Ock Sohn (Author)
It’s notable that this book was printed by Hawaii University and there are audio files supporting the book on their website. I also used this book for my own Korean language learning and it’s better than most because it starts off with polite Korean rather than deferential Korean. Deferential Korean is pretty much useless for the average traveler. It is intense, but thorough and will give a good grasp along with the workbook. It is notable that this is only beginning 1a book and you should consider getting beginning 1b book to complete a year of Korean. However, this will give you functional enough Korean to get around (though Korean 1b book covers things like restaurants better). This book also, with the handbook is relatively cheap compared to most textbooks. There are also later books in the series if you wish to continue.

A Korean language blog which has language help on Korean. Very detailed.


For those interested in picking up basic Korean, I found a place where there is
video. Audio alone often doesn’t help, but they have video with actual people
talking and transcripts while they talk as well. Helps to show the emotional
curve, inflection, etc. Also can help with hangeul reading speed.