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Korean Culture and History

Korean Culture and History


It has grammar and culture… I think it should be interesting to watch grow.
Might be useful.

Samguk Yusa- A semi-historical recounting of the Three Kingdoms written about 400 years after it happened. It is in no shape or form considered 100% accurate, however, it does cover basic ground and shows how one singular monk saw Buddhism develop in Korea. It’s more like King Arthur accurate rather than a textbook, per say.

Lonely Planet’s Guide to Korea
This guidebook isn’t as good as some of the other guidebooks on Korea, but it is a good second to my favorite guidebook. If you do purchase it, augment it with another guidebook.

Moon Handbooks: South Korea

Robert Nilsen

A guidebook. This one is much heavier than the Lonely Planet guide, however, it has a pretty good run down of history through the front and while it is a little old, it covers a lot of bases inside and outside of Seoul. It’s good for just a read through to get basic politics of Korea as well.

Korean Literature


A list of Korean Literature to read.



Korean pottery specifically made for pickling Korean foods, such as Kimchi. And it does taste better out of an onggi.

Stuff that Korean Moms Like


Other Guide Resources

Visit GOA’L this is not just for adoptees, but for parents as well. If you want to get maps of Korean drama locations in English, or find some resources (Mainly Seoul), or hook yourself up with a free translator for your foster parent exchanges, this is the place to do it. They have a variety of resources and maybe you can also learn about adoptees and pick up additional resources. It might also help to keep you involved with the adoptee community. Their office is really easy to access off of the 2 line.

Kimchi Mamas


A blog run by mothers who are Korean, married to one, or have Korean children.

The Korea Society


A podcast on traditional and contemporary Korean culture

Korean Cooking Xanga Website

recipes for Korean Food.

Korean Restaurant Guide


has listings for places you can get Korean food and recipes.

Korean Traditional Kimchi


Learn all about kimchi and also pick up a few recipes!



A site with videos and recipes for Korean food.

Mung Beans


For making things like Mung Bean pancakes, this whole saler sell a whole lot of them for cheap.

My Korean Kitchen

A Practical Guide to Korean food and Korean fushion food

Names for Korean food.


Say Anneyeong haseyo. Then ____ juseyo! will get you any of that food on the list. Thank you is kamsahamnida. Where is the bathroom? is Hwajangshil odiseyo? And leave with Jalmokkeosumnida. Now you can order your meal in Korean…

Rice and Beans


A place to buy rare flours and some beans you might not be able to get otherwise.

Growing up in a Korean Kitchen: A Cookbook

Hisoo Shin Hepinstall

Has cultural notes with the recipes–though these recipes are higher class, it is exhaustive in how many recipes there are.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Korea