There are No Victims

19 Feb

I know it’s tempting, I know that people often think it, but I don’t think it’s true.

The whole victim gig. You know the one? I’m a victim, so love me, cherish me, give me lots of love and praise. But what do you get? You only receive pity and pity does not feel like love.

What? There are no victims in the world, how about the recent California fires? They were not victims, they were survivors. The people who died, yes, they are dead, but they were not victims either. Especially if the people who are alive still survived and talked about, it came to their funerals and learned something from that experience.

African Americans. They are not victims. They are activists. They rose up, talked about their oppression and are still trying to overcome it. If you are doing something about it, are you a victim? Do you call Martin Luther King Jr. a Victim? Gandhi a victim? Malcolm X a victim? I don’t. I don’t call many of the people in the adoption community victims either. I call them activists. And activists are quite different things. They fight to make their present condition known. They fight to make people alive and aware of their surroundings. They fight to make someone else besides themselves not to be in the same position as they are now. And that last one makes all the difference.

The difference between a victim and an activist is a victim thinks only of themselves, but does nothing to improve their surroundings. An activist goes out and fights.

I may complain. I may bitch and moan. But I do things for myself and others to make sure that no one else ends up in the same exact position I am in, and even if it is not no one else, I am a voice out there to be of support, to make reason out of bad surroundings. I want to be an activist. If someone calls me an angry, bitter adoptee and tries to dismiss me I know I am hitting the right spots.

You would have to dismember me, take out my lips and tongue, take off my eyelids, and leave me as a comatose person before I will give up. But someone will help to make sure in my place that I am still not a victim. They will remember who I was and say something and do something with what I have to make sure that every last bit of me was worth something.

It is better than being silent and letting injustices go on. I will be someone who learns from my bad experiences and does something when the world around me isn’t right. I will also learn from the experiences of others and fight to make someone’s tomorrow, even if it’s not my own better.

There are no victims in this world. Only people who complain and receive pity. It is OK to complain if you plan to do something about it. So are you planning to do something about it?

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