Seoul Bridge

19 Feb

This filled my heart with glee. I saw the bridge and because I’d watched so many Korean dramas, I had a moment where I was wondering if it was that bridge that people crossed in the Korean dramas. I found out later it was. I could feel the blood rushing to my head. I wanted to know and see more, but the time seemed to be shrinking and expanding before me.

Around this time I started to wonder if I would be the same person after the trip that I would be before this trip. Would I get to see new fantastic things? Then it sunk into me, and tears threatened my eyes, that I had through my very hard work gotten here through my own efforts and accomplished one of my very many dreams.

I started to stare at the passing lights with a mixed feeling of anticipation, longing, accomplishment, disbelief, and excitement. Around this time I felt like I was slipping into my own skin, that my skin didn’t matter any more, and this rush of freedom came over me. Twenty-some odd years of looks and I felt like I was just another person in the crowd. Something I always longed for.

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