19 Feb

Living out of Hotels was not really fun. After the first hotel, I found I had to get another one, so I did. I didn’t really get to eat well, but somehow I felt like I was doing the right thing.

I finally looked around and got a roommate. She was a new college student and played an instrument. The ad said, No Pets. No Smokers. You’ll learn the irony of this soon enough.

This girl had a mother who was supporting her daughter and moved out of the apartment to move in with her boyfriend. (The Mother that is, moved in with her boyfriend.)

The daughter had a boyfriend too.

I had, through some errors and floundering happened upon an online college… I felt nothing in my area really had what I wanted. So I would spend my days in my room which boiled to an astonishing 105 degrees at 4:00 on a sunny day ith my computer working on my homework. On weekends I would clean the bathroom.

This girl had thought Asian=Japanese. She had these notions about Japanese culture which were untrue. I really didn’t feel like I connected to her. But you don’t need to be best friends to be roommates. She wanted a best friend. Her mother was expecting a “role model.”

I stuck to my room and ate when she wasn’t there, took showers when she wasn’t around. To me, it was respect and besides, most of the time her boyfriend would come and go whenever she pleased. She felt insulted that I wouldn’t want to shower while her boyfriend was around. She thought the way I cleaned the bathroom was too fast– she was kind of jealous that I did it so quickly. She generated more trash in a week than I did in a month. I kept my head low. I wasn’t going to be her substitute mother or best friend. I paid my rent on time. I did my share of the cleaning. I used my own pots. I kept things clean.

Because I didn’t use the rest of the house besides the Kitchen and bathroom I left her to clean the rest of the house.

Her boyfriend brought home a stray dog and she pretty much neglected it. She would give him one huge bowl of food after his walk and then leave it. So by about 4:00 he really needed to be let out. I felt bad for the dog because they would yell at him for the fact of their neglect. I, now, strongly believe that 99.9% of bad dog behavior is the human’s fault.

Her mother would hear her complain about me. Because I didn’t want to be best friends with her, but she couldn’t say that. I didn’t fight with her. I left messages on the refrigerator, but she thought she didn’t have to read if she had dyslexia.

The main reason I didn’t bond with her, I think, is because of her misconceptions about Asians. She thought that Japanese were free to express themselves off of some Gothica Lolita Magazines. She would contradict me on that fact and try to correct me. Then tell me how Asians were–correcting me again. It irked me. Really irked me. Correcting me to my face. Asiaphile. My first real taste of it.

There was the pot too… She had asthma. She smoked pot. She denied it to her mother. When I moved out, I saw her and her boyfriend smoking it.

So much for No Pets and No Smoking. Both which I had to deal with. So after some hunting around, changing my college, I moved out on my own. I learned a lot during that time. For instance, why I hate having roommates.

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