Near Hotel

19 Feb

So Ajumma was late in picking me up and I was a bit lost. You see, the hotel plaza square has three major parts to it–it has occurred to me, because of the view, they have used that hotel before in dramas.

This presented some drama and some problems as well. But the people of Korea are helpful if you ask something they won’t turn their back on you. So after struggling, the I found some people to talk to Ajumma that I was supposed to stay with. My Korean was still scrambled and it wasn’t that good from some amount of hours of language switching and I couldn’t figure out which words were Korean and which were Japanese.

Overall, it was a real pain to get over. After some fumbling with two heavy suitcases and a golf club, plus one carry on bag, I finally was picked up. By now I was in half a daze not sure what to think or do. But Korean intuition is so quick, that she picked up on that and only asked a few questions here and there, and we chatted mainly in English. My head buzzed with Korean, English, Mandarin, Japanese and all those airport languages. I felt like my ears should be ringing. We made our way to her apartment and had to drag the suitcases up the stairs. An Ajussi helped us that guarded the apartment.

Upon getting into the apartment she scolded me for not taking off my shoes in that Korean no-business way. Later on I got really good about lining up my shoes. Half dazed and in disbelief, I looked across her pristine linoleum floor. And took off my shoes. There was a desk and a television. Outside of her windows was a picturesque scene of the river.

She showed me my room and told me to settle down and in a very straight forward way showed me the rules of the house and what was what shuffling her feet in slippers.

I wandered around a little lost and then she started to sort through the suitcase in which I had brought her stuff. She riffled through it and declared after all the trouble I went through, “Yoonmi ya~! I didn’t need this. I’m sorry.”

She nodded in that matter-of-fact manner. “Yeah, I didn’t need this. Mian~”

And to further her apology, “This was all junk. I packed too much.”

I stared at her blankly.


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