Language Rejection

19 Feb

I find myself at times, even though I know French, Japanese and have been learning a bit of Mandarin (Taiwanese version) that my brain will entirely reject all Korean.
I know Korean, and fairly well, but occasionally I can’t seem to speak it, think in it, and I get a backlash like I don’t want to do it anymore. It’s psychological, I think. I found myself doing this today too. I was forced to think in English grammar for most of the day, and when it came to remember Korean, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t put myself in the mind set. Especially since others around me kept calling me “American” and rejecting part of the Korean that I established.

At the same time I find myself sometimes finding it really difficult to think in English. Sometimes I can’t transition between Korean and English–in fact this is the hardest transition in languages I have. I can transition between French and English and English and Japanese (though it is a bit of a stretch), but English and Korean I have troubles with.

I only can think this is a psychological rejection of the baggage of what comes with the language. The hardest times I have transitioning seem to be when I want to melt into one or the other.

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