Korean Plug

19 Feb

New things they don’t tell you:
1. You *will* need an adapter for a Korean plug. It has two round prongs to it. It’s not the rectangular prongs they usually talk about.

2. You can walk most of Seoul completely underground. For some reason dramas really don’t want to show this part of Seoul! Personally, I think it’s cool

3. All large streets have an underground tunnel, you can cross underneath.

4. It’s confusing sometimes distinguishing between a subway and an underground tunnel. Look for the green sign with the subway train on it.

5. The circular subway has English, Japanese and Korean on it. There are a lot of Japanese tourists.

6. The fashion right now has shifted. It used to be bright colors now it’s more neutrals, like black and white with little splashes of color. Plus they do wear sneakers. For some reason dramas like dressing up the people in them nicer than the reality and also uses brighter colors! I have yet to spot a girl that wears sneakers though.

Recommendations so far:
Ride the Green line (2) around Seoul. It’ll take about 2 hours to complete the circuit and even though I made a mistake in taking it around, I think it’s worth it. You may even recognize some of the scenery. Plus the trains don’t seem to be that packed beyond rush hour times, but even so it’s much less.

On the subway, they don’t cross their legs. To count, I’ve seen people just look down at their bags, no one looks around, very few people talk on the train except close friends and they will look at you if you look around. (One guy was staring at me… an office worker. I wonder why…) Women hold their bags in front. Very few jackets too. I was kind of surprised at that… in the US people always have a jacket on hand *somewhere* I didn’t see that much, even the halmoni or Ajumma…

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