Kimchi Museum

25 Feb

After the fight, my mom tried to make it up to me in her nervous energy way. Our relationship had always been contentious. Not because of the adoption so much, but the fact that she used me for her stress relief–emotional stress relief. I resented this even more, because I was afraid she was going to try to Honeymoon phase me and then things would get worse like they had in my ex-boyfriend. I recognized that his behavior and her behavior were often the same. So when we climbed into the car, I knew Ajumma could sense the tension in the air. I was not happy.

We tried to go to Seoul Tower. We couldn’t because of the ajussi who said that we couldn’t go up ’cause only buses could go up, so Ajumma took us to the Kimchi Museum. Ajumma was interested ’cause she didn’t know it existed. No Koreans seem to know it exists, which I think is weird because its in the COex building, which is well known among Koreans.

When I imagined a kimchi museum, I thought it would be more interactive.  But then, maybe I was thinking of Kimchi Jang. I have to admit that I didn’t know that different climates had different kimchi pots. That interested me. And my dad was super interested in the pottery. My Mom was all nervous energy. Her voice warbled all over the place as if she could not calm down and she clinged to my Dad quite a bit. Maybe she had switched me to the evil side of her mask. When she didn’t know what to make of me–good or evil she often distanced herself.

I was still upset and sorely disappointed that the Kimchi museum didn’t have proper kimchi nor anything about the varieties of Kimchi. I love my kimchi (which is why I feel bad for my brother that can’t eat spicy food anymore.) So I wanted more out of the museum.

One thing I should note is that Korean museums are really cool because they put a lot of effort into helping you see how the buildings and things were used and made. So the Kimchi museum showed how a Kimchi jang would work. There were also displays of various people in all of the museums and you literally could see mannequins wearing real clothes inside.  I’d watched enough Korean dramas to fill in some of the dialogue for them as well. But that may be my writing side talking.

With the above picture I could hear her saying, “Kee~ you put in too much garlic.” Then the other women arguing over it as she argued that proper kimchi has ginger too, and the other women arguing with her that this was entirely improper. I think imagining this made my anger go down. Because I can’t be angry at kimchi. Because kimchi and my love of it was often the only thing I knew was entirely Korean and no one could call me inauthentic for.

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