In-Class Stalker

19 Feb

First Day of Cultural Anthropology class, I came late, so I had to sit near the back of the stadium seating. The first class was a video showing ethnic foods from around the world that may shock people. The Professor was asking people to list foods they liked that may be taboo.

So I volunteered Squid Kimchi.

After the class the guy next to me was asking me questions. I thought I should be polite and answer his questions. I said I needed to go back home now. He asked me, “Where do you live?” I avoided him. I was trying to be polite and end communicating with him, but he wouldn’t stop. He followed me. I tried to break off several times, and even threatened to call the police. He didn’t stop saying Asian Girls are submissive. I was trying to be polite. I tried to get him to stop stereotyping Asians in a polite effort to get rid of him. He didn’t stop. I said goodbye and then decided I didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

Next day. I sit somewhere else. He sits behind me. I’m so creeped out.

Next day after that. I sit in the very front in the eye line of the teacher and manage to wedge myself so he can’t sit behind me. He sits on the opposite side one row behind me.

Day after that, I call my Mom and say there is this creepy guy who is stalking me because I’m Asian… what do I do? She says to wait a few more days. (I was told by a Psychiatrist this is the wrong approach) and if he persists, to tell the teacher.

He persists for one more day and the moves onto someone else. I do well in the class, but he still creeps me out and I feel bad for the Japanese and Korean women (There weren’t many Chinese in the class from what I could see) trying to get away from him in the class.

At the end of the semester he’s exhausted all of the Asian women in the class and creepy, but true, he sits directly behind me. I tell my Korean friend of the time “That’s HIM” and she politely declines further conversation with him.

I kind of regret not telling the teacher about him, because I really think he could use some help, plus the feelings of being stalked really filled me up with dread. I avoided him on campus too.

I think I was lucky that it didn’t escalate like other stalking situations, but the fact that this guy would do something like that in a classroom may be beginning signs that he may go full-blown in the real world out there and who knows what may happen after that.

My Mom told me because it didn’t escalate that I shouldn’t report him. Please, please don’t give the same advice. If it escalates it may be too late.

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