Cultural Anthropology

19 Feb

Growing up, I knew a little to nothing about Korea. I think that Cultural Anthropology helped to open the window for me to understand Korea through a better context, giving me a new mind set to understand the problems of Korea and the larger social problems that ended up both making me be born and me being adopted.

Cultural Anthropology taught me a way to understand culture without judgment and taught me how to deal with culture shock–ask more questions. It also helped me to learn Korean, process the cultural items I saw in Korean dramas and figure out if that part of the drama was part of culture, or part of the art I was experiencing.

I was grateful to Cultural Anthropology that I made it one of my two majors. I wanted to go into cultural anthropology to understand the prejudice that was launched at me. I wanted to be able to sort what was Japan without the stereotypes of Japan. I wanted to understand China and answer some cosmic questions I had about human nature since I was very little.

What is human nature? Is it evil? Is it good? Is there one morality in the world? How do you navigate between the “perfect” morality and plain prejudice? Is there a way?

Cultural Anthropology helped me to understand relativism in a new way. And this fed my inner writer too. This help feed how I could write a character that was totally immoral and still justify it through other means. This helped me understand the kids that teased me through grade school and see a bigger picture of the good and bad of humanity.

Ultimately, Cultural Anthropology gave me a way to understand humanity itself and feel connected to the planet that I breathe on. It gave me a sense of being connected to this large vast universe and a way to understand myself, who was caught between cultures and ways of being more.

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