Changdeok Palace

19 Feb

My brother was working at Ulsan at the time and my Mom, being my Mom was insistent that she see my brother. (She measures love by two things, how proximity and money.)

However, since she was getting uptight at this point she was also insistent that I come with them and do what my brother wanted. They’ve been like this before as well. When we went to France and England, I wanted to go to an English maze Garden. My brother chose the Eiffel Tower. They ignored me.

I was determined to do it my way this trip and get in the things I wanted, with or without them, but my Mom was acting phobic of everyone in Korea, so she didn’t want me out on my own (I was 27 at the time. Uhhh and living alone… so you can see where this is going).

To make sure I stayed with them, they put the things I wanted to see last and topped it by not telling me they were doing so.

So we went to the large palace that my brother wanted to go to first. because to my mom, this would guarantee both children near her and a degree of protection….

This is the entrance to said Palace. They use this in a lot of dramas as well.

There are several entrances you have to go through the get to the main audience chamber. The guide said that these entrances are symbolic (I don’t remember of what). And I noticed the architecture changed just so slightly as we got deeper into the inner court.

This entrance goes to the main area where the court would be. You can see this in multiple Historical dramas.

This is the audience hall. This is where the King Meets his ministers, etc.

When I looked in the main chamber because I watched so many dramas for a fleeting moment I could see how it must have been then… like ghosts, I could see the ministers lined up in front of the king, bowing and saying “Jeonha!!” and the maids off to the side with their heads bowed, the royal guard and all of the people. The chamber filled and the place brightly lit with candles flickering against the walls. The overhead lights gone and the inside windows not there. For a moment I thought I could hear the ghosts of the people in the past calling out to the king as they bowed.

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