Korean Street Vendors

22 Feb

In every Korean market there are vendors, usually in the middle of the street or at the side of the street selling wares. Unlike American markets, and Chinese markets, they aren’t districted to one particular area. The foot from street vendors are very cheap and usually various foods are seasonal. For example, you can get more Odeng in the winter months rather than in the spring.

It’s something one should try to experience whle in Korea. This vendor was just outside of Myeong dong’s main drag. They were also selling silk worm around there too, which my parents refused to allow me to try. (My mom was getting really up tight.)

This one is selling chestnuts, which they give to you in paper bags and are piping hot.

Technically, most of these stands are illegal, but the Korean government overlooks these vendors, and it’s become integrated into the culture.

I wanted some of her wares but my Mom whined and said no and started to move off without me. Since I had friends who were curious, I took this shot for them. If Ajumma is still there next time, I’d have her wares. One Odeng and one serving of Deok please!

It has a very sharp smell too.

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