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Permanent Outsider

I have to admit I sometimes feel like this.

You are Korean, but not Korean.

You are Jewish, but not Jewish.

You are an American, but not American.

So apparently, I can’t talk crap about the labels I subscribe to because everyone else kicks me out. Or at least some.

I get it, it’s really difficult to wrap your head around a Korean Adopted person to Atheist Jewish parents. So the question, What are you comes up a lot. As if it really matters which tribe I belong to.

I know that some people really do care that deeply. And I get that. But really, can’t I be all of the above? Can’t I decide who I am and how I define myself? Why do you need to kick me out of the club because I subscribe to club human? Sure I have a complicated life, but count me as human instead of going around and saying, “You are not American if you talk trash about Americans.”

Uhhh… I think I *earned* that right by being raised by Americans.

Can’t I complain about Americans, Koreans and Jews ’cause I’m an insider? Let me define myself, you worry about yourself, and then we’ll talk and you can figure it out without those generalized labels.

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