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Is John Raible Too Negative

The title was a search term on this blog.

No. Ten thousand times no. You can criticize him for being “angry”, but then I’ll direct you to: Angry Adoptee

You can call him negative for OMG talking about issues that we could better through social justice.

But really, are you being that petty? If someone came to you and told you they had been raped in an ally and you were a police officer, are you really going to say, “Stop being negative!”

If your relative was robbed in broad daylight are you going to shout at the right after the incident, “Stop being negative!”

Those are personal injustices. But what do you do when the women that’s raped goes to a police officer who says, “That’s a waste of my time and you’re being too negative.” Do you sit on your hands and call the woman a “whore” and “too negative” for speaking out about how society won’t support her through this horrid event? What do you do when the personal injustice is built into the system where you live and your every day interactions? Do you know what luxuries you probably got entitled to through activism and how many of those activists were probably also called “negative.” I can start listing them one by one. Give me your country. I’ll give you the list.

Calling John Raible negative is serious adoptism. I’m half tempted to set up angry adoptee dot com to give people like this a smack down. Apparently standing up for yourself and wanting to make the society a better place for those who are in the have not category are “negative” then the rest of you that think we should not make a change are “positive?” (of course the people in the middle who are not strong enough to stand up for themselves, who did not suffer, who do not see it as an issue the people who are in the “do not make a change” see as positive. Like the rape victim that was so traumatized that she can’t speak against her attacker. Yay! Let’s make the world a better place by shutting up. That was soo effective for African Americans against slavery and Indians under British Colonial rule.

Give polarization of adoptees a rest please. RIP it. It’s really tired back with “Angry black man” “Angry woman” “Angry gay” and all those other things you people who don’t like people speaking out go on about.

Go ahead. Call me an angry adoptee for this. I dare you.