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This website is dedicated to adoption issues for adoptees, both parents in the triad and those outside of the triad. This will answer a variety of questions about adoption, Korea, and my life–both tough and light of heart. This will not pull punches about the realities of adoption whether they are full of joys, moral confusion, sorrows. I can’t pretend to answer all questions for all adoptees, which is why this is a portrait of one adoptee.

To the side will be my two memoirs, Excess Baggage and Eomma’s Footsteps.

Will this deal only with Korea? No.

Will this deal with only adoption? No.

It will deal with the whole scope of how adoption interweaves into at least my life and maybe that of others along the way. How culture has meaning. How the words we say have impact. And maybe a little philosophy on what makes us human, too.